Manure management for diminishing environmental pollution.

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There is a lack of quantitative data and information about the diversity in livestock farming systems and manure management, which is needed to develop farm-specific cost-effective manure management and emission mitigation measures for different regions in China. The objective of the Sino-Dutch joint project “Sustainable Resource Management for Adequate and Safe Food Provision (SURE+)” subproject “Improving manure management for diminishing environmental pollution and improving soil quality” is to further increase the understanding of the variation in farm-level bottlenecks and possible options for improving manure management and diminishing their negative impacts. This PhD project is part of this subproject, and focuses on the manure management in livestock farms. The other three PhD students focus on the effectiveness of technologies, and on the constraints and benefits of using manure on crop farms.
Effective start/end date1/09/1720/09/22


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