Management of change via het internet? (KB-16-002.05-007)

Project: LNV project

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This project increases to our understanding of the dynamics of Informational Governance in the agri - food domain by examining how participants exchange information on a specific social media platform: Foodlog. Moreover, we explore what the impact is on consumer behavior and institutional change. In 2014 we used three different scientific disciplines to explore the impact of Foodlog on informational governance. Foodlog is a networking site "for people who want to share their knowledge on all aspects of food and its future with each other and the public (" Current topics such as the fast-growing chiken, the power of the retail and food scandals (such as the abuses at slaughterhouses ) be publicly discussed Foodlog.

            These three studies provide from perspectives understanding in the impact of online discussion platforms on consumers, institutions and issue development. In 2015, we further increase the gained knowledge. In 2014 we gained a lot of insights but there were also new additional questions. We are going to gather additional data to answer these additional questions and ensure that the knowledge gained can be published. Moreover, we are combining the knowledge gained from the various scientific disciplines to be able to say something about the relationship between online interaction (or information exchange ) and change in practice (both behavioral and institutional level). Finally , we will discuss the findings with Foodlog itself to interact and share knowledge and explore partnerships.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/15


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