Maatschappelijk verantwoord besturen (BO-11-021-002, BO-11-013-040)

Project: EZproject

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National and regional governments own about 30 percent of all the land in the Netherlands. A large amount is in use for infrastructure, military facilities or nature. Another part is leased to farmers or managed by the governments itself, in a cost efficient way. This land ownership can yield much more social return than is the case today.

On a poster, the researchers describe a number of examples to inspire governments to achieve multiple policy goals at the same time as they use their land ownership. These examples range from social forest management, temporary nature to connecting social conditions to leases and actively responding to initiatives from society ("Invitation Nature"). In addition, they indicate what it can bring about and what you need to watch for when starting these kind of initiatives.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17


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