LWV22098 Metabolic Impact of Future Food Processing (Meta-Pro) (BO-62-001-023)

Project: EZproject

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Much of the current emphasis in societal dialogue is on the negative aspects of food processing. However, food processing can also positively influence the efficiency of nutrient digestion, enhance the release and absorption of nutrients and promote more sustainable and healthy nutrition. Mild processing approaches such as dry processing and mild fractionation have greatly reduced energy consumption and water usage, and can be used to enhance ingredient functionality, bioavailability, and digestion. Understanding the impact of mild food processing approaches on metabolic and sensory responses will enable ingredient and food production tailored for specific applications rather than for general use. Further research is now needed to demonstrate the metabolic and sensory impact of ingredients and foods produced by milder processing techniques compared to traditional intensive processing approaches. The proposed project will compare the impact of conventional and mild processing on food matrix, macronutrient digestion, metabolic responses and nutrient bio-availability using established digestion models and human feeding trials. This knowledge will be used to develop guidelines (design rules) for the development of healthier and more sustainable approaches to food processing.

Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/27