LWV20025 Organoids as a research tool in animal breeding and nutrition (BO-68-001-038)

Project: EZproject

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The main aim of this PPP is to pave the road for high throughput in vitro organoid systems of the pig intestinal
tract to use as a key technology in animal breeding and nutrition. The objectives are:
- Develop a robust key technology to generate pig intestinal organoids in a high throughput manner
- Use organoids to measure nutrient uptake and epithelial (barrier and immune) response thereby
connecting to an animal (in vivo) phenotype
- Employ organoids to screen different functional ingredients, including glycolipids (e.g. glucose
caproate) and ligand receptors (e.g. galactooligosaccharides)

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/23


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