LWV-19191 Circular Single-Use Catering Products (BO-57-103-002, BO-44-005-015)

Project: LNV project

Project Details


To achieve this result the first step of the project is to modify the properties of existing home compostable polymers so that they meet the industrial requirements for the production of single-use catering products. Focus will be on products and properties that are highly unlikely to be obtained by non-bioplastic materials (e.g. wood and paper) and emphasize the unique properties of these materials. The second step is to enhance the biodegradation behaviour of these materials so that they will also degrade in soil and/or marine environments. The final step of the project is to combine the knowledge on material modification and improved levels of biodegradation and develop single-use catering products that degrade within one year in the case of leakage into the natural environment. Furthermore, communication and policies are integral parts of this project as the developments should be allowed by the EU legislation and it needs to be clear to all external parties that this is innovation is not a ‘license to litter’. Overall, this project aims to make a contribution to the reduction of the net amount of plastic waste on land and in the marine environment. In doing so, the project will have a significant impact on one of the most pressing international issues of the upcoming decades.

Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/22