LFD (on-site serologie). Proof-of-concept LFIA multiplex detectie van antilichamen tegen meerdere arbovirussen (onsite serology) 2) expertise onsite serology usable for endemic diseases (KB-33-007-014)

Project: LNV project

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Arboviruses pose an increasing threat to human an animal health. Particularly livestock is susceptible to various arbovirus diseases with major consequences for the individual farmer, local communities and local- and national governments. A key aspect of counteracting arbovirus diseases is proper diagnostics. So far PCR and ELISA are the method of choice to detect viruses and viral antibodies respectively. However, these techniques are performed in a laboratory setting and require, with shipping time included, days before a result is obtained. A pen-side test could help the farmer and veterinarians to confirm or exclude certain viruses. One of the most promising strategies for pen-side tests, which will give results in minutes, is the use of lateral flow-based immunoassays. Besides the easiness of use and quick readout, a major advantage of this technique is the suitability for multiplexing.


Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18