KvM 2016-4: Wetenschappelijke ondersteuning aardappelteelt Algerije (BO-20-007-429)

  • Blom-Zandstra, Greet (Project Leader)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


The current potato growing practices in Algeria are not in conformity with
sustainable practices and leave much to be gained in terms of the quality of
the starting material and the appropriate varieties, field layout, water use
efficiency, fertilizer and pesticides applications and prevention of post-harvest
losses. As a contribution to Food Security and Value Chain Development, more
sustainable and climate smart potato growing practices will be demonstrated in
a real-live situation in El Oued. With that purpose, a demonstration farm will
be set up, accompanied by practical researchers throughout 4 growing seasons,
starting in January 2017. Central theme in this demonstration farm set up, is
the introduction and use of an underground fertigation (combination of
irrigation and liquid fertilization) system that is mechanically integrated in
the potato ridges. In this 2 year period, data will be collected on inputs and
outputs in the growing process in a 5 hectare demonstration field. The applied
sustainable techniques and their results will be demonstrated to the El Oued
potato farmers at relevant moments during the production seasons. The project
is a combined activity of Algerian and Netherlands private and public and
research parties and is co-funded by these parties. Students from WUR and from Algerian universities
will contribute to the practical set up and data collection. The project will
start at the end of 2016 and run for two consecutive years (4 planting seasons).
The total budget for the two years of the project amounts to 560.000.

Effective start/end date20/06/1631/12/17