KvM 2016-3: Inventarisatie Post Harvest Losses & Agro-logistiek Iran (BO-20-007-428)

  • Montsma, Matthijs (Project Leader)

Project: LNV project

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In vision 2025, the Iranian government has announced their ambition to change to economy to be less depend on the oil industry and oil benefits. Food security has become a top priority that needs to be improved by increasing the productivity of food supply chains in Iran. This can be accomplished by the modernization of the agro sector by acquiring and implementing existing knowledge and technology.


An important objective of the Iranian agricultural policy is to improve the productivity of the food supply chains and to safeguard food security. Addressing the issue of post harvest losses will contribute to achieving these objectives. The application of existing agro- logistic knowledge and technology should lead to improvements in the value chain.

In view of the importance of the potato production in Iran and the availability of Dutch outstanding expertise in the field of potato production, processing and agro-logistics the Netherlands proposes to investigate the practical possibilities for improving productivity and quality in the Iranian potato production chain by using modern, up to date technology. The Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands has set up a project team with experts of Wageningen University and Research.

This project will start with mapping of the Iranian potato sector and to identify the amount of food losses from farm to fork. In doing so, opportunities for improvements related to food losses, and thereby food security, will be identified. These opportunities will be discussed with Iranian authorities and partners of the Dutch and Iranian private sector and research institutes. A second step is the identification of a pilot project with participation of the Iranian and Dutch private sector. This pilot project aims at implementation of the findings of the first phase in the Iranian potato chain and will create the basis for long term business cooperation between Iranian and Dutch private sector.

The results of this project will especially benefit the farmers/potato growers and also other actors in the potato chain in Iran.

Effective start/end date20/06/1631/12/17


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