KvM 2016-2: Plan van Aanpak Bodemvruchtbaarheid Myanmar (BO-20-007-427)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


This project aims to lay the basis for an inclusive (business) plan for the development of evidence-based advisory services and training for smallholder farmers in realtion to soil fertility management and crop fertilization. To this end collaboration is sought with stakeholders in Myanmar (public and private) and with knowledge institutes and service providers in the Netherlands. These jointly develop a vision on basis of local knowledge and information / data. To finance the follow-up activities after termination of the current project, the options will be explored together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Agricultural Counsellor. Options are (the combination of) PSD-apps, FDOV and DGGF for the years 2017 and onwards.

Effective start/end date20/06/1631/12/17