KV 1406-089 Biologische bestrijding van wol- en schildluis in de sierteelt onder glas (BO-50-002-005, BO-25.10-003-011)

Project: EZproject


Mealybugs and armoured scale insects are increasingly causing damage in greenhouse ornamental crops. The possibilities to control these pests with pesticides are limited as most active substances will disrupt the biological control systems for other pests. Moreover, the often used neonicotinoids have dramatic effects on non-target organisms and a general ban on the use of these pesticides is expected soon. Hence, there is a strong need for non-chemical control measures, preferably by releases of arthropod natural enemies that fit well in current biocontrol systems. The aim of this project is to enhance to efficacy of natural enemies that are currently commercially available with new release strategies. In addition, new natural enemies of mealybugs are selected  that could complement the control by the available species. 

Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/18