Koppeling van landbouw & natuur met klimaatopgave (WOT-04-011-045.04)

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To achieve the land use objectives of the climate agreement and the National Rural Area Program (NPLG), measures will have to be taken in forests, nature and agriculture. The aim of these measures is to capture CO2 or reduce its emissions. However, it is likely that measures also have an effect on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The project is a multi-year project with a duration of 2023-2026. In 2023, as a first step, an inventory was conducted of which measures are available in the field of forest, nature and landscape management in the Netherlands to achieve CO2 sequestration and/or emission reduction, and what (order of magnitude) the possible effect of this is. It has also been determined whether trade-offs or synergies arise with regard to biodiversity. Effects on other greenhouse gases such as methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have also been identified as much as possible (order of magnitude). In 2024, this information will be converted into clear Factsheets per measure.

The effects of the measures on the various indicators can be included in the considerations when drawing up the upcoming Agriculture and Nature Outlook or follow-up studies in this context. Models that can be applied in the outlook will be identified in this project and possible recommendations for adjustment will be made to the managers of the relevant models. In addition, for carbon sequestration in forests, it will be investigated to what extent geographical location has an impact on the potential for carbon sequestration.

The effects of these measures on ecosystem services can ultimately be included in the Natural Capital Model. This model can be used to determine the effect of measures on ecosystem services. In 2022, work was done to improve the carbon module in the model. In 2024, the expansion and improvement of the NKM's carbon module will be continued within this project, in coordination with the 'Recovery of biodiversity in conjunction with other tasks' project.

Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25


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