KoM20010 De Groene Agenda 2020-2023; valorisatie van Groene kennis voor een klimaatadaptieve en leefbare stad (BO-60-003-007)

Project: EZproject

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Together with a large number of parties united in De Groene Stad, it wants to work on knowledge transfer and the development of new action perspectives and market opportunities for the various target groups of the green sector and the buyers of these green solutions, such as municipalities, the construction sector, real estate companies, etc. Existing knowledge recent and ongoing research into the benefits of green in the city is translated into relevant information in the form of a coherent package for SMEs, including the primary sector and all other parties, including governments involved in the development of green spaces. city.

Parts of this package include workshops with project leaders and the business community, masterclasses, compiling and updating fact sheets and flyers on themes for specific target groups, and the development of a knowledge portal “Climate Adaptation and Liveability in the City” as part of Groen Kennisnet.

The communication and dissemination of knowledge and knowledge products involves collaboration with the network of DGS and green education, and the communication channels of DGS and its partners are used.

Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22


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