Knuttensurveillance (KB-12-005.01-037)

Project: EZproject

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For several years, there is no Culicoides surveillance present in the Netherlands, although there is a distinct need for it given the recent bluetongue and Schmallenbergvirus (SBV) epidemics and to be expected introductions of vector-borne (animal) diseases in the future. The Culicoides surveillance located at a dairy farm in the province of Gelderland has showed its value during the SBV-epidemic. Therefore, we want to expand the network with a sheep and horse location in the Netherlands, situated in areas bordering Belgium and Germany. These animal species can attract different Culicoides species. Furthermore, these animal species can show specific clinical signs after infection with vector-borne diseases, or more clearly observable compared to cattle.  Aim of the project is to start vector-surveillance at a cattle, sheep and horse location, in order to quickly respond retrospectively to an introduction of a vector-borne animal disease with the purpose to answer both virological and entomological questions. The goal is to investigate and search for the vector species transmitting the virus (competent vector) and to investigate how efficient the virus is transmitted.


Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/15


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