KE4 2021 0.3 European Research Network on Climate Smart Forestry (BO-43-126-005, BO-53-001-032)

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At this moment several countries have started actions in Climate Smart Forestry. E.g in northern Sweden, in Finland, Romania, Poland, and a COST action (CLIMO) exists. But activities are too fragmented now, experiences are not exchanged and upscaling to other and larger areas does not take place.

In 2020 we started with 2 virtual meetings with potential partners. These were : Tomas Lundmark>, "''">, Hans Verkerk>, "''">, "''">, "''>, "''">, "''">, "''">, "''">, "''">, "''">, "''">, "''">, 'Roberto Tognetti'>, 'Pietro Panzacchi'>, "''">, "''">, "''">, 'Anna Maria Farsakoglou'>, "''">, "''">

The responses were very enthousiastic and based on an enquiry, examples of CSF projects in various European countries are coming in. WenR (Letink) is now building the CSF projects overview into the online Toolbox climate smart forestry. Corona has clearly hampered the establsihment of a real network and no in person meeting was held. Still enthousiasm amongst partcipants is very large and EFI wants to continue as well with this.

We have thus laid the basis for a small network that made: 1) inventory ongoing and planned activities in 10-15 member States (+ Norway, UK and Switzerland), 2) institutionalize the collaboration and then 3) develop the research and innovation side of CSF, as well as mainstream it in forest management in Europe. This will also set the basis for research collaboration in Europe after 2020.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/22


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