KD-2021-110 Herziening EU-regelgeving dierenwelzijn (BO-43-111-060)

Project: LNV project

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In the context of the upcoming revision of EU animal welfare regulations, the Netherlands and several other member states from the "Vught group" are advocating phasing out and banning farrowing crates for sows and cages for laying hens (and for dairy barns where all cows can lie down simultaneously. Keepers will have to adapt stables to meet these future standards. The (economic) consequences of this are not yet well understood. Insight into this is important in order to be able to determine, for example, realistic periods for phasing out cage housing systems during the review process.

This research provides insight into the (economic) consequences of adaptations to housing on dairy cattle, pigs and poultry farms for the NL situation when having to comply with the requirements as proposed in the Vughtgroep paper

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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