KD-2021-099 Literatuurstudie consumentenonderzoek biologisch (BO-43-110-019)

Project: EZproject

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The ministery of Nature, Food Quality and Safety wants to stimulate the purchase of organic products in consultation with experts and in collaboration with chain partners. As input for this, more insight into the behavioral determinants is needed. Including different target groups, and the role that the social environment can play in this regard. These insights are needed to contribute to promoting the production and consumption of more sustainable Dutch food. While there is knowledge about the acceptance of organic porducts, it is fragmented, not bundled from this specific perspective and appears to be based in partly on assumptions. Wageningen Economic Research is therefore asked to: “gather already available knowledge on Dutch organic food to provide insight into what  relevant criteria are for communicating attractively to the three target groups already specified and identify the relevance of the social environment as a behavioral determinant”

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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