KD-2018-069 Definiëren, modellering en analyse natuurinclusieve melkveehouderij bij Staatsbosbeheer (BO-43-023.01-011)

Project: EZproject

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For the development of nature inclusive farming on dairy farms the relation between costs and profits of the use of nature grassland from Staatsbosbeheer combined with nature inclusive measures on their own farm land are analysed.

The analysis was carried out for two representative dairy farms and an example farm with suckler cows.

It is concluded that an increase of nature inclusive management increases the profitability of the use of nature grass land in order to compensate the loss of fodder production due to nature inclusive measures. Furthermore the kwalitative analyses of success and failure factors showed that costs for the lease of nature grass land, the agricultural use and as there is no need for investments are important factors in determine the optimal amount of the lease of nature grass land in combination with nature inclusive agriculture.


will be carried out by defining, operationalising and modelling the concept of nature farming. Next the effects of nature inclusive dairy farming will be analysed and reported

The main research topic concerns the question which advantages the use of nature from Staatsbosbeheer has for switching to nature inclusive farming. The analysis will be carried out for dairy farming systems. The analysed effects of the switch to nature inclusive farming combined with the lease of nature area concerns the economic optimal lease of nature area, income of farmers, closing cycles and the main differences in farming practices.

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18


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