KD-2018-055_Endemische soorten Sint Maarten, Saba en Sint Eustatius (BO-43-021.04-012)

Project: EZproject

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The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) requires member states to identify (and monitor) important components of biodiversity, such as ecosystems or habitats containing high numbers of endemics. Endemic species which have a highly restricted distributional range represent a unique contribution of any particular region to global biodiversity. Endemic species are often abundant on or around islands due to the fact that populations of organisms inhabiting such areas may have been isolated from other populations for longer periods of time, allowing them to develop unique traits. As a consequence of a limited distributional range, such endemic species may also be extra vulnerable to extinction. Consequently, knowledge of such species is also critical for the formulation of nature management policy.

Knowledge of the endemic species of the Caribbean Netherlands is largely restricted to the Leeward Dutch Caribbean for which an inventory of species has been made. For the Windward Caribbean islands of the Kingdom, no systematic effort has yet been undertaken to assemble a list of endemic species.

The objective will be to produce an overview of existing and extirpated, current and potential, terrestrial and marine, endemic species of plants and animals for the windward islands of the Dutch Caribbean, including the Saba Bank. Brief biological information on each species will be presented to allow where possible, gross assessment of the species conservation status and to recommend future research priorities. 

Effective start/end date30/04/1831/12/18