KD-2017-089 Opheffing scheurverbod dal van de Mosbeek (BO-11-019.01-066)

Project: EZproject

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Tillage of permanent grassland in Natura 2000-areas is prohibited since 2015 within the context of the greening of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This measure is set to protect the biodiversity in these areas. Specifically, the measure must contribute to the achievement of the goals of the birds and habitats directive. For the farmers with land in de Natura 2000-areas it is a hindrance for their business operations and asking for exemption.

Before the Ministry of Economic Affairs will take a decision, they need to understand the impact of tillage permanent grassland on the ecological and environmental aspects in the Natura 2000-areas, having regard to the objectives of the bird and habitats directive.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


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