KD-2017-080_Kosten en baten natuurinclusieve graasdierhouderij (BO-11-020-009)

Project: EZproject

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On behalf of Staatsbosbeheer explores Wageningen Economic Research the relationship between costs and profits of nature management on land owned by Staatsbosbeheer accompanied by extra measures on their onw farm by farmers with grasland. For this, the relationship between the area and the type of nature management measures with differing further measures on their own farm and the optimal farm management (based on profit maximization) will be analysed. As this will differ for differing farm types the analyses will be carried out for two differing dairy farms and one cattle farm.

The analysis will be done given 1) current marketing system and 2) prices based on prices for local produced products. This analysis will provide insight in the minimum costs of nature inclusive farming and whether it is necessary to have a marketing system with an extra margin.

The analysis with prices with extra margin for local produced products will be limited to an extra production requirement of minimal 25% nature management on nature ground.

Furthermore a qualitative analysis will be provided on the financial effects of possible extra investments and desinvestments.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


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