KD-2017-046 Actualisatie herstelstrategieën PAS (NAPRO) (BO-43-021.01-009, BO-11-019.01-063)

Project: EZproject

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Within the framework of Natura 2000 each Member State has the obligation to bring and keep habitat types and species of Community Interest in a favourable state of conservation. Elevated atmospheric deposition froms i most Natura 2000 sites the most important threat for the conservation of habitats and species. To adequately protect nitrogen-sensitive nature and concurrently create space for economic developments, the Program Approach on Nitrogen has been developed. The juridical basis for the PAS is formed by PAS restoration strategies. This is a set of habitat and species specific restoration measures to mitigate the negative impact of an overload of nitrogen. For a well-funded PAS it is important to permanently improve the restoration strategies, based on new scientific knowledge and best practices with restoration measures in nitrogen-sensitive Natura 2000 sites. Moreover, new restoration measures will be added as approved restoration strategy after have been reviewed by an international review commission. By this process the restoration measures package for realisation of the PAS is further improved.

Within the present project improvement and actualisation of the PAS restoration strategies is assessed. Moreover, the project team has an active role in and will provide advices on the way information from monitoring of restoration measures in nitrogen-sensitive Natura 2000 sites and PAS-related research should contribute to a further improvement and actualisation of the restoration strategies.  

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18