IT in AgriFood: Business IT Platforms and Their Governance

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Business ecosystems started to be built around digital platforms formed by the integrated use of information technologies. Digital agri-business ecosystems enable value co-creation by facilitating a network relationship and interactions between partners, such as field agents, farmers and agro-input companies. Moreover, AI techniques support the co-creation of value, risk management, cost and quality control, and optimization of value distribution for resilient and sustainable agri-business platforms. They also contribute to sustainability patterns by reducing environmental impacts and bringing a better life quality. This project focuses on the design and governance of resilient digital business ecosystems using IT and AI/Data Science. It aims to investigate the architectural approaches and governance mechanisms for DBEs and design a resilient digital agri-business ecosystem supported by artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The objectives of this project are to guide the development of a resilient DBE and assist the managers to govern them.
Effective start/end date1/02/211/02/24


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