Integrated Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater Aquifer Systems and Agriculture

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Groundwater, climate, and agriculture represent a closed cycle; they are somehow related due to the distinct factors influencing the ecosystem they belong to. Climate change directly affects the behavior of the aquifer system under successive pumping to extract sufficient volumes of groundwater for reclaiming new development areas. This research is to investigate the influence of climate change on groundwater aquifers and the crop-yielding response. A comprehensive model for integrating climate change and groundwater is supposed to be constructed to answer the question of how crop yields will be affected by the relationship between climate change and groundwater resources. Moreover, many forecasting scenarios will be operated to support the decision-making process to well-manage and plan the agricultural situation concerning climate change issues and its quantitative and qualitative influence on the groundwater aquifer systems.
Effective start/end date18/04/23 → …


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