Integrated Governance Approach (BO-43-118-004)

Project: EZproject

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System approach in LIFE IP Delta Nature (and just as much at PAGW) requires cooperation and integration of policy fields. The multi-year goal is to develop a working method to arrive at a more integrated governance approach, which must prove itself in the course of Life IP and PAGW and can therefore also be applied afterwards. An IGA (Integrated Governance Approach) has already been worked on in 2020. The IGA will be scaled up into an instrument that will make the vertical coordination of administrative layers and the horizontal coordination of policy sectors transparent. The project focuses on providing further substantiation for the scaling up and further development of IGA; applying IGA in case studies and reflecting on practical cases; broadening IGA for PGAW and monitoring policy through IGA.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/22


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