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    Renewable energies have often problems in order to provide a stable and reliable power supply, as they often depend on meteorological circumstances that have a variable or stochastic component. This fact is often used by their detractors to favour the use of other alternatives such as fossil fuels. The main added value of the hybridisation concept will be the achievement of the Europe Strategic Energy Technology plan (SET-Plan), which is the market, the industry and the European Union goal on energy matters: self producing firm renewable energy with an optimal cost-efficiency ratio. A new hybrid CSP system, fully renewable will be developed at the pre-industrial scale by including a new configuration in a conventional CSP plant with storage system. This solution includes an aeroderivative gas turbine (AGT) exhaust gases simulator with a heat recovery system (HRS) that will recover the heat from the exhaust gases in the storage system. The evaluation of biomass derived gas fuels (bio-gas and syngas) production and consumption in the hybrid CSP plant will be studied, simulated and evaluated at a commercial scale. Moreover, both economic costs and technology of the new elements developed and adapted to the needs of this hybrid technology will be assessed from an operating profitability perspective and totally orientated to market feasibility. The project will involve six main research lines according to the major investigation areas: development of a new Heat Recovery System (designing specially carefully the materials and the thermal areas of each HRS component); development of an Integrated Operation and Control Systems and Tools (evaluating critical operations); improvements on production, upgrading, distribution and utilization of BDGF adapted to the needs of the hybrid technology; development of an AGT Exhaust gases simulator adapted to the needs of the hybrid technology; integration of the previous developments in the proposed HYSOL power plant and environmental and economic assessment.
    Effective start/end date1/05/1331/07/16


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