Innovatieve dijken/kunstwerken/keringen (Wadden) (BO-11-015-025)

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The northern part of The Netherlands and the "Waddenislands" are protected from high sea levels by dikes and levees. The latest security tests showed that some parts of the stretches of the dikes in the wadden area fail to pass the security standards due to a poor state of the top covering materials of the dams. The reconstruct the primary protection dikes into safe dams, offers possibilities for innovative dike-concepts, which can be cheeper, which will better harmonize with the landscape, which will offer better chances for the Wadden area, which will better serve the international status of the Waddenzee als an important nature reserve being more robust and protective against the effects of climate change.

In 2011 and 2012 a reconnaissance took place to identify the possibilities for innovative dams and dikes in the Wadden area. This resulted in a summary of possible innovative dike-concepts for the coast of groningen and Frysland, the Wadden area and Lauwersoog. The methodology to determine surplus values were further developed by Deltares.

The Deltaprogramme/Wadden is working on a long term reconnaissance where questions on water safety and freshwater supply in connection to climate change, including corresponding strategies will be outlined and pictured.

Tranche 2 Baten Innovatieve dijkconcepten

The aim of the second part of this innovative dike concepts project was to:

1) outline the generic possible effects and benefits of a number of innovative dike concepts that meet the criteria

2) Outline and kwantify for the location Dollard explicitly the physical effects and benefits of the for that location most relevant innovative dike concepts meeting the most relevant criteria for various scenarios.

2e Tranche Pilot Dollard

The aim of the project is twofold:
1) To further substantiate the fact that building the "Groene Dollard Dijk" in a sustainable  climate  proof and efficient way, future safety for the "Deltaprogramme Waddengebied"is guaranteed and that with this innovative approach costs will be limited and other function i.e. nature and landscape will benefit from this approach.

2) Obtaining generic knowledge and understanding of preconditions and added value of wide green dikes with a gentle slope and a foreland of dry shoals which is relevant to other projects in the "Wadden Sea".

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/13


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