Innovatieprogramma Emissiearm Veevoer voor Herkauwers (BO-20-004-044, BO-12.12-004-008)

Project: EZproject

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The aim of the ersearch project is to test the efficacy of nutritional measures to reduce enteric methane, and to quantify the effect of these measures by mathematical modelling. Another aim is to disseminate this knowledge to have it used to realize methane reducing measures in the feed chain in practice, and to obtain more reliable estimates of the consequences of changes in farm management on enteric methane (including trade-offs to other emission sources). This will be achieved with a close copperation with the Cows & Opportunities project monitoring dairy farms. An important additional aim is to report and to underpin the effects of methane reducing measures and have them calculated and weighed according to IPCC guidelines for ten national inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

Effective start/end date2/01/121/04/17


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