Innovatielab Building with Nature voor regionale wateren (KB-24-001-007, KB-14-001-057)

Project: EZproject

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Current restoration of river basins is often insufficient to achieve the goals despite great investments of 200-2000 kEuro/km. Novel methodologies for re-creating water retention in the catchment-river continuum are potentially cost-effective but require testing in selected test sites. Profile modification by sand addition and application of woody debris are proposed as new eco-technologies. The application of these new approaches will be launched in conjunction with an analysis of the governance process, the development of a novel eco-technological design methodology and a thorough stakeholder involvement. This to reach drainage infrastructure restoration and to solve problems with the multiple scales of ecological recovery and sustainable development.

The use of integrated nature-based methods supported by societal bodies will (1) retard downstream water discharge (e.g. water safety), (2) improve water quality to meet European (WFD) and Natura2000 demands, (3) achieve cost-effectiveness and (4) creates benefits for stakeholders. The projects system approach integrates biophysical sciences over local and catchment scales. Scientifically, we aim to identify the mechanisms that confer ecosystem functioning and biodiversity in relation to i) habitat heterogeneity-area-complexity (building refugia) and ii) resilience to disturbances.

The output of the project will include a scientific agenda, workshops for designing new concepts for stream restoration, new field experiments, monitoring reports, an article in a journal for professionals and a book with Building with Nature concepts and lessons learned.

Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/18


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