Innovatie in ondernemerschap (BO-23.02-004-005)

Project: EZproject

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Title | Innovation in entrepreneurship

Problem Definition |I What are the long-term scenario's of this sector, which innovation is needed in these scenario's? II What are the core values ​​of multifunctional agriculture and how can they be used in the business model? III How can we further professionalise cooperation between entrepreneurs in the multifunctional agriculture and between entrepreneurs in the foodchain?

Research Objectives | I Developing long-term sceanrio's provides a focus for the development for the sector. With the results people involved in the sector will tell an clear story about the future of the sector. II By defining the core values of mfa entreprenuers can incorporate them in their business model. III The aim is that entrepreneurs who want to colaborate with colleagues are helped with usefull models for this cooperation.

Products | Visualisations of furute sector senario's, report with the core values of mfa and a brochure with the lessons in cooperation.

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/15


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