Influences of oral food breakdown on the gut microbiome and metabolites

Project: PhD

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In recent years, an expanding body of research has indicated that oral processing behavior significantly influences the digestion of food products and therefore plays an important role in determining the nutritional benefits of food. However, its further influence on the gut microbiome and metabolites have not been studied. The aim of this PhD project is to explore the relationship between oral food breakdown with gut fermentation and its possible health effects. First, the relationship between bolus properties with gut microbiome and gut microbiome metabolites (GMMs) will be determined by a synthetic gut microbiome community. Natural differences in microbiome structure between slow and fast eaters and their corresponding metabolites in vitro will be further explored. Then, the possible relationship between chewing behavior and intestinal microbiome and metabolites will be studied in vivo. Ultimately, the role of eating rate (personal and food properties) in modulating gut microbiome and metabolites during a 14 days diet of ultra-processed foods will be explored. Possible health effects will be discussed. The results of this thesis will contribute to the development of dietary recommendations and interventions aimed at optimizing gut fermentation for improved gut health and disease prevention.
Effective start/end date1/11/22 → …


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