Improving vaccination of carp against spring viraemia of carp virus (SVCV)

    Project: EU research project

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    'This project aims at the advancement on fundamental knowledge on the evolution of fish cytokines and at the development of vaccination strategies against highly cytopathic virus of carp, taking as studying model SVCV. Worldwide, common carp is the most cultured fish species for food consumption with a value of US$20 billion. Koi carp are ornamental varieties of common carp and individual fish may exceed US$100.000 in value, making koi the most expensive fish in the world. However, virus infections are causing substantial economic losses in this market so there is an urgent need for the development of safe and efficacious vaccines that induce protective memory but, at present, virtually nothing is known regarding the immune response of carp to these viruses. The first aim of this project is the characterization of the immune responses of carp to SVCV infections. Specially, the study of those cytokines which are crucial for the development of protective cellular immune responses against viral infections, such as interferon alpha-beta (INFab) which has already considered to be a putative signal-3 cytokine (required for optimal programming for survival, effector function and memory of CD8\ T cells). Therefore, the second aim is the characterization of bioactivity of carp-INFab which we hypothesize can be used as a molecular adjuvant to optimize vaccination against SVCV. The third aim is the development of vaccination protocols based on protective immunity induced by a new generation vaccine, a ‘INFab-adjuvated’ DNA vaccine against SVCV. The combined use of fundamental and applied approaches will provide the scientific rationale necessary for an improved development of safe and efficacious vaccines against deadly viruses of carp.'
    Effective start/end date1/12/1130/11/13