Improving food quality in the EU: An integrated legislative and scientific approach.

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The project examines the factors which affect the quality of food, resulting in accessibility and availability barriers, to determine what shortcomings can be tackled for better quality. Existing research demonstrates that the EU food system, including governing legislation and the related scientific evidence it relies on, does not make healthy options readily available and accessible to all. This deficiency is explained in different ways. Research from a legislative perspective asserts that legislators and policymakers mostly disregard unhealthy food production (through industry regulation) as opposed to consumption (through food information to consumers regulation), while existing EU food policies are criticised for being sectorial and incompatible with one another. Meanwhile, a different body of research suggests that although there is continuous effort to provide strong evidence on the healthiness of food, scientific research related to effects of food consumption on health is often burdened with ethical and feasibility limitations, which in turn limits its influence on legislative and policy developments. By bringing the two bodies of research together in an integrated approach, the project aims to reconcile the incongruity between legislative objectives and actions, which in turn restrict the achievement of human health protection that scientific evidence is awarded by legislation itself. To review these determinants of food quality, the research features 4 papers that tackle the following central research question: What is the EU food law’s potential and limits to improve the quality of food, leading to better availability and accessibility to healthy food and a resulting strengthened ‘healthiness’ of the EU?
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