Impact Evaluation of Green Resources AS (GRAS), Tanzania and Mozambique

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The aim of this assessment is to examine whether an impact evaluation of the Netherlands Development Finance Company’s (FMO) Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF) support to Green Resources AS in East Africa is feasible. The assessment will focus on the pillars described in the IDF theory of change: (1) Increased/improved availability of infrastructure in developing countries; (2) strengthened institutional and contractual public-private frameworks; (3) improved stakeholder income; (4) CSR and other activities benefitting communities; and (5) reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, investments should contribute to the higher level objectives of induced economic growth, employment and income generation, and ultimately poverty reduction. For each pillar, the assessment will conclude whether and (if positive) to what extent a quantitative and qualitative (mixed methods) assessment is feasible.
Effective start/end date1/08/1530/11/18


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