Home Turf. An integrated approach to the long-term development, cultural connections and heritage management of Dutch raised bogs

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This NWO-Vidi-project analyses the long-term development of raised bogs in the northeastern, eastern and southern parts of the Netherlands and adjacent parts of Belgium and Germany, with a main focus on human-land relations. The large majority of Dutch bogs (over 90 %) has already disappeared due to peat-cutting and reclamations, and the remainder is under major threat from climate change, agriculture, desiccation and pollution. Therefore it is essential to design proactive strategies for the sustainable management of bog-related cultural remains.

The project includes interdisciplinary physical geographical, archaeological and historical geographical research at different spatial scales. The research will produce detailed insights into the diverse trajectories that bog landscapes followed and how these patterns relate to human activity. With the aid of constructive dialogues between scientists, numerous authorities, land management agencies and private owners we aim to construct mechanisms to integrate the interests of all of these stakeholders. The expected project output includes two PhD-theses, several scholarly papers, a monograph and a report on bog-related heritage management.
Effective start/end date1/10/161/10/21


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