Holistic Management of Brownfield Regeneration

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    HOMBRE seeks to achieve a paradigm shift in sustainable brownfield land management practice. This strategic goal can be expressed in four underlying objectives: • Better understanding why, how, where and when brownfields are formed in order to avoid future brownfields. • Better solutions for long term land use of current and potential future brownfields. • Better operations, better implementation of state of the art technologies into practice and development of more sustainable integrated regeneration technologies for successful brownfield regeneration • Improving the dividend from brownfield remediation for the environment, economy and society in the surrounding area by means of integrative management methodologies in cooperation with stakeholders The project recognizes four different main tasks as part of a HOlistic Management of Brownfield REgeneration (HOMBRE) to be accomplished in associated case studies (mining, urban, industrial) with stakeholder participation: • Zero brownfields strategy: a better understanding of the life cycle of urban, industrial and mining sites and the origination of brownfields in these settings is necessary to device a successful overall brownfield redevelopment program. • Assessment of brownfield regeneration scenarios: development of an improved sustainable spatial (land-, urban) planning and decision making processes to enhance the up-take of brownfield regeneration projects based on a holistic approach. • Integrated Regeneration Technologies: combination of technologies that address different site aspects or issues (eg. linking soil, water, energy and materials) to create faster and cheaper solutions during brownfield regeneration. • Intermediate Renewal: solutions for greening, landscaping and amenity improvement of brownfields to ensure social, economical and environmental cohesion with the surrounding land use.
    Effective start/end date1/12/1030/11/14


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