Herstel biodiversiteit i.s.m. andere opgaven (WOT-04-011-045.03)

Project: LNV project

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To inform politics about the progress and possibilities of biodiversity recovery policy in conjunction with other challenges, the WOt collaborates with the PBL in developing a core set of tools. This toolkit includes methods, indicators, and models related to natural capital and biodiversity. The toolkit needs to be maintained and further developed to remain suitable for addressing current and anticipated future policy questions. It is important to increasingly incorporate the coherence of biodiversity policy with other policies (such as climate, agriculture, and urban policy).

In 2024, the focus lies on operationalizing the concept of Basic Nature Quality (BKN), further developing and improving the Model for Nature Policy (MNP), and the Natural Capital Model (NKM) for current policy questions and identified shortcomings. For BKN, efforts are being made towards: 1) measuring the current state and trend of BKN, and 2) establishing a model to simulate scenarios for BKN value, and 3) supporting databases for 1) and 2). In the MNP component, work is being done on: 1) automatic validation of model outcomes, 2) an MNP register for sustainable storage of results, and 4) HR habitat type modeling. The work on the NKM in 2023 focuses on: 1) adding and improving several agriculture-related ecosystem services, 2), and 4) ensuring the technical integrity of NKM outcomes for easier third-party use. Furthermore, efforts are being made in all sub-projects for coordination among themselves and with other projects.

Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25


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