Haaien Caribisch Nederland (BO-43-117-004)

Project: EZproject

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This BO project aims to study habitat use and movement patterns of coral reef associated shark species in the Caribbean parts of the Dutch Kingdom. The current operational network of detection stations will be complemented and in 2022, in total 8-10 sharks of different species (Caribbean reef shark, nurse shark and/or silky sharks) will be deployed with acoustic transmitters with depth sensors to measure habitat use and connectivity between different reef systems. In addition, there are still other sharks with transmitters from previous years around. The transmitters last for 4.5 years. There is cooperation with local NGO’s, park managers and dive/tour operators. Because tagged sharks can be follow for several years, most of the analyses will be carried out in the last year of the 2021-2025 study period. The data and new insights will be used to assess coral reef system and fisheries health, and to determine what important (key)habitats are, and to evaluate the different conservation zones (local Marine Parks, YARARI) and to enhance awareness and support to protect sharks.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/24


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  • Distribution and ontogenetic habitat shifts of reef-associated shark species in the northeastern Caribbean

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  • Global status and conservation potential of reef sharks

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