GVB voor zeevisserij (BO-43-119.02-001, BO-43-023.02-003, BO-20-010-076)

Project: EZproject

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LNV needs scientific support and advice for the proper implementation of the CFP, and the landing obligation in particular. The focus in the implementation of the landing obligation is currently mainly on the preparation and drafting of regional discard plans for the North Sea (via the “Scheveningen group”) and the Northwestern waters.
Another point of attention is obtaining an improved overview of current investigations within the regional groups relevant to the Netherlands, in order to be able to anticipate proposals from other member states in good time. In addition, scientific support will be required in the context of the possible revision of the CFP as a result of the evaluation of the landing obligation from the EU. Work is being done on a platform where discard data is easily accessible to LNV and it will be investigated how monitoring of discards should be adjusted in the context of the landing obligation.

Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/24


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