Groepshuisvesting kraamzeugen (BO-20-008-019)

  • van der Peet-Schwering, Carola (Project Leader)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


Goal of the project is developing a group housing system for lactating sows and her piglets. Group housing of sows during lactation more closely resembles the natural situation and may benefit welfare of sows and piglets resulting in more social and robust piglets with less health and behaviour problems. In the first study the development until 9 weeks of age of piglets raised in either a group housing system or a conventional single-litter housing system was compared. In both systems, the piglets were weaned at an age of 4 weeks. In 2015, the second study started in which the piglets were weaned at an age of 4 or 9 weeks in a group housing system. The effect on the piglets and on the sow will be measured. This study will finished in 2016.

Effective start/end date18/11/1531/12/16


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