Groenblauwe schakels (NAPRO) (KB-24-003-016, KB-14-002-042)

Project: LNV project

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For landscape services, there is demand and provision, but there is no functioning market. Because of that, less landscape services are delivered, and of a lower quality, than needed by society.

In this project we experiment with creating a market for landscape services by bringing together 'customers' and 'suppliers' and by supporting landscape design with knowledge.

In an area in the Green Heart we build a social network in order to strengthen the physical network in the landscape, from the perspective that landscape services function better with a coherent green-blue infrastructure. The three environmental cooperatives of Gouwe Wiericke are supported in composing an  'offer' with design workshops and knowledge. In this way, they practice for the upcoming change in the agri-environmental subsidy scheme. The 'customers' (province, waterboards) are supported with formulating the demand and judging the offer. We monitor the development of the social network from clusters of neighboring farmers to, preferably, the majority of land users in the area.

For the partners in the area the results are: agreements about landscape adaptation on the short term and payment, implementation of the first measures, and process agreements for extending the offer on the longer term. Alterra will write a scientific article about the developed concepts and the process in the area.

Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/16


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