Governance Tools in practice (KB-34-001-009, KB-34-001-002)

Project: LNV project

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The transition towards a circular society1 asks for a change in the agro system: from the current linear production chains to circular production chains with a minimum of inputs and losses. This requires knowledge, insights and tools about behavior, incentives for behavior change as well as business models to facilitate the transition process. From 2019-2022, we have developed in the project KB11D Governance in Transition conceptual frameworks and insights (i) to understand transition processes and their governance, (ii) to understand (circular) behavior of farmers, (iii) to identify interventions aiming at behavioral change, and (iv) to develop business models for farmers that contribute to circular agriculture. In the current project we aim to further develop  tools that support stakeholders (government, companies, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, citizens) to realize a circular society based on biomass. The aim of this two-years project is to develop tools that are tested and evaluated in practice about (1) behavior, (2) incentives for behavior and (3) new (circular) business models as well as (4) governance arrangements to realize a circular and climate neutral society. We consider “tools” as an umbrella term for several types of instruments to support stakeholders, e.g. guides, approaches, checklists, models. By supporting stakeholders we aim to contribute to the mission of CCNS to realize “validated concepts toward a circular society, enable multi-stakeholder understanding of trade-offs and synergies of choices, continue to support a dynamic agri- and aquaculture knowledge and innovation system.  

Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/24


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