GENIALG (KB-22-002-014)

Project: EZproject

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The GENIALG project aims to boost the Blue Biotechnology Economy (BBE) by increasing the production and sustainable exploitation of two high-yielding species of the EU seaweed biomass: the brown alga Saccharina latissima and the green algae Ulva spp. GENIALG will demonstrate the economic feasibility and environmental sustainability of cultivating and refining seaweed biomass in multiple use demanded products of marine renewable origin. The consortium integrates available knowledge in algal biotechnology and ready to use reliable eco-friendly tools and methods for selecting and producing high yielding strains in economically feasible quantities and qualities. By cracking the biomass and supplying a wide diversity of chemical compounds for existing as well as new applications and markets, GENIALG will anticipate the economic, social and environmental impacts of such developments in terms of economic benefit and job opportunities liable to increase the socio-economic value of the blue biotechnology sector. In a larger frame, conservation and biosafety issues will be addressed as well as more social aspects such as acceptability and competition for space and water regarding other maritime activities. GENIALG is the first industry driven consortium offering to associate pioneering companies implementing the concept of large-scale integrated biorefineries in the EU with experts in seaweed cultivation, genetics and metabolomics for selecting high value seaweed strains able to improve the seaweed industry. This combination will significantly boost innovation and competitiveness in the blue biotechnology sector.

The current KB-22 contribution is used as cofunding for WMR’s contribution to WP5 on environmental interactions (impacts/benefits).

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18


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