Gebruik ruimtelijke databestanden om invoer modellen te verbeteren (WOT-04-011-036.84)

Project: EZproject

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The PBL and WOT base their studies on many different data sources. These sources originate often from many different researcher and as much different methods are used to collect the data. This leads to data with different uncertainties and are often collected on various scale levels; from site data in the field till national data based on remote sensing, and from scientific data till data from citizens science. Bringing these data together in databases and maps can cause problems. However, there is also much to gain if data from all kinds of levels and sources can be used for e.g. the production of a map.

In this project we will explore how the big data concept can be made beneficial for the PBL/WOT research. First, a workshop will be organised bringing together experts to explore what the possibilities of big data are. Subsequently, a case will be selected to investigate if the big data concept can be used to improve the data use by the PBL/WOT. One of the option could be improving one of the maps for the model for nature policy (MNP). There are then three options, the vegetation map, the soil pH map or the groundwater table map.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


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