Gebiedsspecifieke Ondersteuning Grote Wateren (BO-43-118-005)

Project: LNV project

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This project contributes to Mission E of the KIA 'Agricultural-Water Food', which aims to achieve a balanced balance between ecological carrying capacity and water management (water safety, freshwater supply, water quality and shipping) on the one hand, and the tasks for renewable energy, food, fisheries and other economic activities on the other. The focus of MMIP E3 is on integral and sustainable concepts for the spatial integration of various user functions and improving the water quality of the water system. The four specific focus areas are those of the Programmatic Approach to Grand Waters (PAGW): 1. Wadden Sea/Ems Dollard, 2. IJsselmeer/Markermeer, 3.Southwesterns Delta, 4. Rivers. In each of the four focus areas, pilots/ living labs/ innovation labs/ knowledge hubs take place for the design, monitoring and evaluation of innovative design concepts to achieve a balance between ecological carrying capacity and water management for new challenges. Wageningen Research offers expertise and knowledge in each of the four sub-areas of the large waters to guide policy processes adaptively. In close consultation with the LNV area teams, adaptive responses are made to area-specific knowledge assignments.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/24


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