FS04 Digital Twin of the Plant Rhizosphere (KB-41-002-004)

Project: EZproject

Project Details


To improve the productivity and disease resistance of plant production systems, it is strategic to steer the rhizobiome towards higher abundances of plant-beneficial micro-organisms by altering operational parameters, using organic amendments and introduction of biocontrol microorganisms. Development of a DT reacting real-time to such interventions and predicting the immediate and long-term effects on the rhizosphere composition(s) and their effectiveness in terms of plant growth, nutrient use efficiency, and plant resistance, would generate the actionable knowledge required to steer such a community.


The rhizosphere is a complex ecosystem and for DT development we have therefore chosen for a modular, data rich, amendable system; a tomato plant grown in a relatively simple environment, a hydroponic system. Being in a controlled environment, this system allows for the development/application of real time sensors to monitor environmental factors, plant health and rhizosphere composition to update the DT over time, while the use of a hydroponic system provides the means to intervene at a relevant time scale, for example by providing specific nutrients, biologicals or application of various abiotic stresses.

Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19