Fresh Food City: Metropolitan Solutions

Project: PostDoc

Project Details


Focus on food logistics (the last mile), urban agriculture and local and social active markets
The postdoc will function as:
- Connector: connect research done by in the chair groups involved to the DLO applied research program and the AMS value platform according to the focus.
- Initiator: initiate a LIVING LAB project in AMS for the time period 2017-2022.
- Writer of peer reviewed scientific papers and popular scientific papers and internet communications, and organiser of stakeholder interactive workshops.
- Coordinator and writer of new innovative research (LIVING LAB) project for external funding, preferably in collaboration with AMS.
- The Young and/or Angry Core of the METSOL consortium to establish until now not thought of and new collaborations, internally and externally.
Effective start/end date1/10/161/11/18


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