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    FOODSAFETY4EU is a Project focused to design, develop and release a multi-stakeholder platform for the future European Food Safety System (FSS), by structuring a participatory process, which sustains a responsive and adaptive community of FSS actors. The platform will enable the FSS actors to access efficiently resources and data, synchronize food safety research strategies, share and exchange scientific knowledge and contributions for the future EU FSS. It will boost interactive cooperation within the system and with the civil society for enhancing public confidence through dedicated tools. A European Food Safety Forum will be set up to officially consolidate the participatory process and guarantee the long term science-policy-society interface. New digital tools, co-designed strategies and communication models will support Food Safety Authorities (FSAs), EU Agencies, policy makers, scientists and civil society in a coordinate approach, thus contributing to strengthen the EU approach to risk assessment & communication. The multi-actor consortium is pooled by a core group of 23 partners from 12 countries: scientific experts in food safety will work closely with key actors with complementary knowledge in:a) developing and structuring of participatory processes; b) stakeholders engagement, communication and networking; c) e-platforms, smart tools, data management; d) Food Safety policies implementation; e) representing the voices from food and feed industry, consumers and the civil society. A network of other 44 Food Safety actors – engaged as “Supporting partners” – are committed to populate the platform and interact by expressing opinions, sharing information, data and reports; providing strategy advice and assuring a multiplier impact of project results.
    Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/23


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