Food systems and the landscape The spatial and land-use dimension of food systems in transition (KB-22-001-008)

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The study is part of a program of work that contributes to the global agenda for planetary health [1] through better understanding of interactions between agricultural activities, diets and nutrition and ecosystem services that are supported (or at peril) in the landscape. Vietnam, more specific the Red River Delta (around Hanoi) a rural study site of CIAT for the A4NH research program food systems for healthier diets, possibly complemented with Hanoi peri-urban area. In Vietnam, production choices on crop choice, fertilizer use and water use affect the landscape and the availability of food. Also, choices on pesticide use affect production and the safety of food but also health of people in the region (food produced with pesticides. Pesticides end up in surface water which is used for drinking water, for irrigation or in fish tanks, as earlier studies have shown for Vietnam. In fact, pesticide use also affect landscape characteristics. Hence we explore the interactions between food production, food consumption and the landscape.

The study will aim at analysing the impact of production decisions on food consumption, landscape and food safety now and in the future in the Red River Delta.


This is achieved by using results of prices, costs and budget from scenario results of MAGNET for Vietnam and by using statistical analyses of the food demand system including for analyzing the impact of fertilizer use on landscape and pesticide use on healthy food consumption.



With the results of Food Landscape, policies for food and nutrition security can be developed taking into account the consequences for landscape and food safety.

[1] Planetary health has been defined as the health of the human civilisation and the state of the natural systems on which it depends.

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