Fisheries dependent information (KB-36-002-024)

Project: EZproject

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Fisheries research is one of the central research pillars of Wageningen Marine Research (WMR). Within the last decade cooperative research between WMR and the Dutch fishing industry has developed successfully. Many cooperative research projects were initiated in recent years, mainly addressing issues related to improving fisheries advice and management. These projects are generating a vast amount of data, of which, to date, the potential for informing fisheries advice and management has not been evaluated. In addition, collection of such fisheries dependent data is not necessarily generated through a predefined sampling design. In this context, the project aims to improve the integration of cooperative research outputs in existing fisheries advice and management systems. This project is a follow-up of a previous KBWOT project (Fisheries Dependent Information) and will contribute to maintain and raise the level of excellence at WMR in the field of fisheries advice and monitoring and strive to be leading in this research field.

Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22


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